The ISYS Automotive Research Group is engaged in the development of electric, mechanical, thermal and fluidic systems within the automotive sector. Our research is focused on the application of novel methods in modeling and system analysis as well as linear/nonlinear control and optimization. Research projects are conducted in close cooperation with domestic and international industry, such as the Audi AG, Bosch (China) Investment Ltd and Daimler AG.

Core Competencies of the Automotive Research Group



Research Projects
Exhaust Heat Recovery
  • An Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), a heat engine, converts the exhaust gas heat into mechanical power
  • Modelling of the dynamic ORC for reconstruction of the transient operation
  • Model-based design of feedforward and feedback controller with emphasis on disturbance rejection, with implementation and test in the prototype-system
Adaptive Control of Automatic Gearboxes in Hybrid Vehicles
  • Modeling of the hydraulical, mechanical und electrical components
  • Design of a model-based adaptive control strategy to improve shift quality
  • Implementation and testing of the controller in a simulation environment (SiL) and experimental vehicle
Integrated Driving Dynmics Control
  • Development of an integrated lateral handling dynamics control system for over-actuated vehicles under consideration of realistic conditions
  • Improovement of driving safety, agility and driving pleasure
  • Implementation and validation of the develped identification and control algorithms in an A7 test vehicle provided by the Audi AG
Trajectory Tracking for Piloted Driving over-actuated Vehicles
  • Various piloted or assisted vehicle automation systems demand a reliable vehicle position and motion control sometimes up to the handling limits
  • As nowadays production cars can be equipped with different chassis actuators, the developed vehicle control supports and utilizes vehicles over-actuated as well as under-actuated vehicles
  • The control algorithms will be implemented and validated using Q7 and A8 test vehicles provided by the Audi AG
Modelling of Electrical Powertrains
  • Modelling of the electric drive train of all-electric vehicles including DC/DC converter, drive inverter and fuel cells/ batteries
  • Focus on voltage and current dynamics with frequencies ranging from 100 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Prediction of current and voltage harmonics induced by semiconductor switching for filter design and loss estimation
Modelling & Optimization of eScooter powertrain
  • Electrical powertrain modeling including motor, power electronics and battery (aging)
  • Battery lifetime and range extension potential analysis
  • Model-based optimization of powertrain
Predictive Energymanagement for BEV
  • Dynamic modeling of the electric power train including battery, inverter-machine combinations and engine control
  • Utilization of road preview data for online predictive control strategies
  • Investigation of efficient acceleration and recuperation potentials
Predictive ECO Driving Strategy for EV and HEV
  • Development of eco-driving strategies for (Hybrid) Electric Vehicles
  • Identification of longitudinal driving characteristics
  • Adaptive Tuning of eco-driving strategy to increase acceptance by drivers
Thermal Management for Electric Vehicles
  • Modeling of all thermal components
  • Implementation of efficient simulation models
  • Definition of an optimal control problem for computation of an optimal, predivitve operating strategy
Oversteering vehicle dynamics controller for over-actuated vehicles
  • Improved agility and driving pleasure
  • Enabling controlled oversteering for experienced as well as inexperienced drivers while avoiding uncontrollable and unsafe driving situations
  • Implementation and verification of the developed control concepts in an Audi A7 technology demonstrator
Student's Thesis

We are always looking for students, who want to contribute to one of our research projects through a bachelor's or master's thesis. The assigned subjects typically include but are not limited to:

  • Distributed- and lumped parameter modeling of electric, mechanical, thermal and fluidic systems
  • Modelidentification and methods for state estimation
  • Sensor fusion and signal processing
  • Methods of constrained and unconstrained optimization
  • Design and comparison of control strategies for automotive systems

For more information, or if you would like to inquire about additional topics, please do not hesitate to contact one of our group members.


Publications of the Automotive Research Group
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Other Publications
  • C. Göhrle, “Methoden und Implementierung einer vorausschauenden Fahrwerksregelung für aktive und semi-aktive Federungssysteme”, 2014
  • M. Kaszynski, “Prädiktions- und optimierungsbasierte Betriebsstrategie zur Realisierung des maximalen Einsparpotentials hydraulischer Parallelhybridfahrzeuge”, 2012
Members of the Automotive Research Group