Drive Systems and Robotics

The drive systems and robotics group at ISYS adresses the optimal planning and control of such drive and robotic systems. The focus is on methods for modelieng, feedforward and feedback control of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric drives.

In the context of a more and more resource saving industry, efficient drive systems become more and more important. Production sites have to be equipped with economical drives and innovative solutions enable a flexibel use. Drive systems in work machines are sized based on models and answers to the demands of energy generation and supply have to be provided.

Current Research Projects

  • Trajectory planning for continuum manipulators
  • Development and comparison of control design methods for continuum manipulators with coupled actuator dynamics
  • Extension of the trajectory planning and control design concepts to the case of contact
  • Further information
  • Modeling of vacuum technology components
  • Optimization of vacuum systems in handling technology
  • Detection and prediction of system and component degradation based on machine learning
  • Detection of changes in utilization and error states during operation
  • Further information
  • Energy optimal selection of drives
  • Technology-neutral analysis
  • Optimal control of drive systems
  • Further information

Completed Research Projects

  • Kinematic modelling
  • Kinematic control
  • Feedback and feedforward control of pneumatic actuators
  • Dynamic modelling
  • Feedback and feedforward control
  • Further information
  • Hydraulic excavators represent complex mechatronic systems
  • Predictive driver models allow a model based development process
  • Driver models based on model predictive control
  • Application in simulation and on the excavator
  • Further information

Student's Theses

The Drive and Energy Systems group at ISYS is always looking for students who want to contribute to one of our research projects through a bachelor's or master's thesis.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our group members.


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Members of the Drive and Energy Systems Group

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