Predictive Driver Models for Hydraulic Excavators

Partner: Bosch Rexroth AG

Development of simulation models of hydraulic excavators, which consider the driver as a model predictive controller, for the simulative investigation of new development models as well as for the automated execution of predefined cycles.


Modern hydraulic excavators are complex mechatronic systems. To meet the high requirements regarding machine performance, efficiency and robustness, a model-based development process is essential. Based on detailed simulation models, statements on the expected system behavior can be made at an early stage of development. However, in order to achieve realistic and reliable simulation results, a properly realistic control of the machine model must be ensured. In the course of this cooperation project, predictive driver models based on an interpretation of the driver as a model predictive control are developed. In addition to its simulative use in the test vehicle, the driver model is also to be used for automated running of predefined cycles in order to reduce the time and effort involved in commissioning and to obtain reproducible measurement data.



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Oliver Sawodny

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