Oversteering vehicle dynamics controller for over-actuated vehicles

Partner: Audi AG

Development of an oversteering vehicle dynamics control system for over-actuated vehicles while considering driving safety.
[Photo: Audi AG]

Current lateral dynamics concepts are designed to understeer or neutral steer. Active chassis systems such as the electronic stability control (ESC) ensure driving safety by only permitting driving conditions which can be handled by an average driver. That means oversteering is basically avoided, although this offers an increase in sportiness and driving pleasure for experienced drivers.

The conflicting goals between driving comfort and agility and driving pleasure with high driving safety and stability in the limits of handling can be resolved in the best possible way by active chassis systems, e.g. anti-lock brakes (ABS), steering systems or torque vectoring. These active systems overlap in part in their effects. Therefore, a central and intelligent control of these active systems is essential to exploit the synergies between the actuators and take interactions into account.

As part of this project, an oversteering vehicle dynamics control system is being developed for a four-wheel drive vehicle with active chassis systems. This allows both experienced and inexperienced drivers a controlled oversteer. Uncontrollable and unsafe situations are detected early on and prevented by the control concept. The developed control concepts are verified in the course of driving tests with the help of an Audi A7 technology demonstrator.


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