Lifetime Modeling and Optimization of an eScooter Battery

Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Due to the cooperation between the Institute for System Dynamics, University of Stuttgart, Bosch in Shanghai, and Tongji University Shanghai, the behavior of a typical eScooter in China is modeled. Therefore, relevant powertrain components are modeled and optimized regarding the battery lifetime.



Nowadays, electromobility is a big topic in China. Cities like Shanghai and Beijing thrive with electrical mopeds, so-called e-scooters. They offer cheap means of transportation if compared to cars and are more flexible. With a ban of conventional scooters, their numbers are rapidly growing.

As such e-scooters are quite cheap, the battery has become the most expensive component. By understanding and improving battery lifetime of Li-ion cells, the replacement cost can be reduced. By applying a lifetime minimizing operation and charging strategy, the battery can be operated under 'low-aging' conditions and lieftime can be increased.


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