Predictive Energymanagement for BEV

Partner: Daimler AG

Cooperation project with the Daimler AG to increase the real range of battery electric vehicles (BEV) by means of predictive control strategies for electric powertrain components.
[Photo: Daimler AG]


Mandatory CO2 standards for new cars and vans, to be implimented as from 2020, were introduced by the European Parliament in 2013. A target value of 95g CO2/km was set. In view of ambitious regulations worldwide, high expectations are placed on electric mobility. Electric vehicles (EV) and in particular battery electric vehicles (BEV) are seen as a key technology with regard to sustainability and economical growth. Even with further development of the battery capacity, the overall range for BEVs still remains a challenge.

Operating Strategy

The research project aims to improve operating strategies as well as the energy management of electric powertrain architectures based on software solutions and the consideration of additional environmental data. These are obtained from a constantly increasing number of vehicle sensors and increasing vehicle connectivity. Contrary to the projects Personalised Predictive Driving Strategy EV and Thermal Management for EV emphasis is put on propulsion control strategies and electric drives.


Range Extension


[Foto: Daimler AG]


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