Civil Systems Engineering

The construction technology group is concerned with system theoretic research problems in the construction sector. The research projects are conducted in close cooperation with partners from civil engineering and architecture.

Research projects
Automated manufacturing of functionally graded concrete components
  • Graded concrete provides the possibility to adapt the inner structure of concrete components
  • Reproducable production process requires automated manufacturing
Hybrid intelligent construction elements (HICE)
  • Investigation of novel construction elements with intrinsic sensory and actuatory functionality
  • Modeling and control of systems with HICE
Model-based component sizing and temperature control of VAC (ventilation and air conditioning) systems
  • Modelling of room conditions under consideration of internal and external disturbances (weather, occupancy, internal loads...)
  • Temperature control aiming for thermal comfort and energy efficiency
Adaptive Shells and Structures for the Built Environment of the Future – SFB-1244
  • Resource-efficient, energy-optimized and lightweight constructions through adaptivity
  • Interaction between user and building
  • Structural integration of active elements and development of concepts for building physics
  • State estimation, concepts for reliability, feedforward and feedback control of adaptive structures