Control strategies for systems with hybrid intelligent construction elements (HICE).


The research project aims at the development of hybrid intelligent construction elements (HICE) which fulfill given requirements of innovation, advanced functionality and robustness. The application of sensors and actuators to new materials (such as composite materials) leads to increased functionality in terms of long time stability and vibration free operation.

The research group consists of six institutes of the University of Stuttgart which work in the areas of systems engineering, production engineering, automotive engineering, process engineering, civil engineering and control engineering, as well as the Institute of Textile Technology at Denkendorf.


Sub-project B4: Control methodology for systems with HICE

Systems with hybrid intelligent construction elements (HICE) contain a significant higher density of sensors and actuators compared to conventional constructions, which offers great potential in terms of observation and control of the system state. This results in novel approaches to the control of systems build with HICE. In the context of the research project, the ISYS is concerned with

  • Dynamic Modeling of the HICE
  • Observer design
  • Controller Design
  • Safety concepts and fault-tolerant control
  • Hard- and software frameworks for HICE

The results obtained in theory are applied to an adaptive shell structure, as well as the large scale demonstrator Stuttgart SmartShell.



The HICE project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), FOR 981.


This image shows Michael Böhm

Michael Böhm


Head of Civil Systems Engineering Group

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