Studying Abroad

International Relations of the ISYS

Over many years, the ISYS has established a number of international cooperations in order promote joint research and to give students the opportunity the broaden their perspective and to advance their scientific skills while studying abroad. The majority of the partner universities are located in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The cooperation guarantees the continuous exchange of knowledge and enables students to spend some time at a partner university during the second year of their graduate studies or their last semester during their undergraduate time. 

The following map illustrates the locations of the various partner universities.



Usually, research work leading to a Bachelor's or Master's thesis is part of the stay. An overview over partner universities for thesis programs can be found here:

Double degree / Joint degree

At some partner universities, a Master's degree in addition to the Master's degree from the University of Stuttgart can be obtained. Other universities offer a joint degree, i.e. one common degree from both universities. These programmes include

  • the first year of the Master studies in Stuttgart,
  • the second year including the thesis work at the partner university
  • as well as an industrial internship during the stay abroad.

A double/joint degree can be obtained at the following partner universities:

Joint degree
Double degree:

The double degree programmes aim at qualified students with majors of the Gemeinsame Kommission Maschinenbau (Maschinenbau, Technische Kybernetik, Mechatronik, Verfahrenstechnik etc.). the right time for application is after the conditional acceptance into graduate school or during the first semester of the Master studies. The studies for the double degree abroad usually start in August/September, but individual starting times may also be the case. Details on the choice of modules can be found in the Module-Handbook of the Master in Mechanical Engineering Module-Handbook of the Master in Mechanical Engineering. For the first year of study at the University of Stuttgart, knowledge of German is required.



Contact persons for early advise on studying abroad via the ISYS are  M.Sc. Florian Morlock and M.Sc. Andreas Gienger.

The application for one of the programmes takes place through the Institute for System Dynamics. The application procedure includes

  • advise for the choice of the programme,
  • the application including CV and recent transcript of obtained grades,
  • the coordination of possible research topics for the thesis.

Please send your application to Prof. Sawodny.


Additional useful information for planning your stay abroad can be found here: