Automation and Optimization Strategies for Process Technology

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In cooperation with the Dürr Systems AG, approaches for Process Simulation, Process Control and Process Monitoring are developed.
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Modern process plants need to guarantee high quality standards of the produced products and need to offer high degree of flexibilty with regard to changing production conditions, high throughput rates as well as low energy consumption. For the control and monitoring of the plant, process plants provide a large number of sensors and actuators, which measure and influence essential process variables.

In cooperation with the Dürr Systems AG, strategies for the process simulation, process control and process monitoring are developed in this project for an industrial drying system curing coatings of a vehicle body.

Topics in the project
Topics in the project

For the process simulation, it is necessary to develop models for the heat up of the vehicle body, the plant and its different components. The developed models consider the essential system dynamics as well as the spatial distribution. These models are further used for the evaluation of the curing quality and a model-based design of control algorithms. The control algorithms guarantee an energy-optimal and reliable operation by considering the current utilization and diagnosed errors in the plant.


This image shows Andreas Gienger

Andreas Gienger


Head of the Construction Robotics Group

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