Servoflight Flight Simulator

Servopneumatically operated flight simulator, which realistically simulates the forces and accelerations occurring on a pilot in an aircraft.


ServoFlight is a servo pneumatic flight simulator developed our institute. The ServoFlight simulator realistically reproduces forces and accelerations experienced by an aviator in an aircraft. While the most flight simulator motion platforms are hydraulically or an electrically driven, ServoFlight uses a pneumatically driven one. This comes along with challenges for the platform control, since pneumatics imply a small stiffness of the actuators. The servo pneumatic flight simulator platform features a six-degrees-of-freedom system. Acceleration and shear force data from the Diamond simulation is transferred directly to an open- and closed-loop control unit attached to the simulator, thus enabling a real-time simulation of the flight conditions.

The interconnection with an commercial flight simulator from Diamond Simulation that provides an original cockpit of a two-engine Diamond DA42 TDI and a visualization on a semi-cylinder screen, enables realistic flight experiences.

The research for this project covers topics like

  • Mechanical modelling of the overactuated motion platform
  • Modelling of the pneumatic actors
  • Parameter identification
  • Feedforward and feedback control design
  • Motion Cuing algorithms
  • Monitoring dynamic and workspace limitations


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