Automated manufacturing of functionally graded concrete components





The technology of graded concrete provides an innovative possibility to adapt the inner structure of a concrete component in order to meet defined static and structural-physical requirements. By arranging high performance concrete in stressed zones and highly porous concrete in regions with low stress it is possible to achieve fully stressed components with a minimum in weight. The technology has a great potential regarding the reduction of mass with a view to concrete construction. The components can be manufactured monolithically and thus, providing better recyclability.

In a cooperative research project together with the Institute for Construction Materials (IWB) and the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK) the technology of functionally graded concrete is investigated. It has been found that an automatized production process is mandatory to realize reproducible product quality and moreover, to make the technology available for the production industry. Therefore, a prototype for the manufacturing of functionally graded concrete components has been designed, constructed and put into operation. The whole manufacturing process - including the optimization-based component design, the selection of appropriate concrete mixtures, the automatized mixing, metering and conveying as well as the material application process itself - needs to be included in a process control scheme. Developing and realizing a suitable concept for the automatized process chain in form of a prototype of a manufacturing stage (see figure) are the corner points of the current research pursued in this project at the ISYS.

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Project partners
  • Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK)
  • Institute of Construction Materials (IWB)
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