Temperature Control of VAC Systems

Bearbeiter M.Sc. Janine Günther
Projektpartner Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd
Projektstatus November 2015 on-going





Approximately 40% of the world's energy is consumed by buildings. Therefore, building technology is a significant key factor for the energy transition to renewables. In tropical climates like Singapore particularly ventilation and air conditioning systems (VAC systems) play an important role and open up great saving potential by consideration of the building as a holistic system. Additionally, the thermal comfort of the user is of increasing importance. The requirements for a comfortable and energy-efficient air conditioning, particularly in large and shared office areas, are defined by many variables including thermal conditions (such as air and radiant temperature) as well as individual preferences and the subjective perception of the user.

ANSYS Fluent Raumsimulation

The main project goal is the development of model-based approaches, which serve as a tool for intelligent sensor and actuator configuration and provide a basis for energy-efficient control strategies which incorporate the thermal comfort of the user.