Feedforward and Feedback Control Design for Transport Systems

Model-based feedforward and feedback control design for transport systems with distributed acting control input.


The project focusses model based feedforward and feedback control designs for transport systems with spatially distributed control input. Examples for transport systems with a spatially acting input are conduit systems or conveyor belts in process and production industry, which are used for the transport of material between different process stages and conditioning of the convoyed goods at the same time.

Technical applications are furnaces for the tempering of piece goods, gas-heated glassfeeders or hardening processes in steel industry. In all of these applications, heating or cooling devices are acting along the transport path.

General structure of a transport system with distributed acting control input.

The control task is typically defined by the subsequent process stage and concerns for example start up processes and setpoint changes, which require to implement suitable control strategies.

For control design the transient input output behavior of transport systems has to be taken into account and requires model-based design approaches. The distributed acting control input results in a complex input output behavior which is governed by a distributed parameter model.

Modeling as a distributed parameter system.

Based on suitable system representations different feedforward and feedback control designs are implemented, i.e. inversion-based, flatness-based and optimal control strategies.


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